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What do you get when you work one-on-one with the Braid team? Here are some of the brand platforms we've created for designers, writers, photographers, makers, coaches, and consultants. So while our Braid Method uncovers your brand vision and voice – the design, copy and brand platform we create for you, makes it all feel clear and feel like you.


Brene Brown by Braid Creative

“Braid has been such a huge part of my story and my journey. Our team couldn’t have accomplished what we’ve done without them. Whenever we are in struggle, we still go back to our Braid Method exercises. They have been central to what we do.

One of my favorite parts of working with Braid is turning our explicit values and ideas into words and images. There is such a huge power in combining images and words.

What I found with Braid’s process and their incredible listening skills (that was a no-holds barred, no bullsh*t process, that made me resentful at first because I just wanted a new logo!) was that the digging in helped me reclaim and excavate who I am. I didn’t have to hide my creative side (or my washi tape!) to share my researcher side. I can have a brand and be who I am – a more wholehearted person.”

– Brené Brown, Houston, Texas (sharing about Braid on the Being Boss podcast)

“We’ve been working with Braid for over two years on everything from branding The Daring Way™, to publication and collateral layouts. Braid’s work is beautiful and always on-brand. We’ve learned tons from them and have enjoyed working with them so much that this past year we invited them to present at our best practices conference to share their marketing expertise with our community of helping professionals.

We cannot say enough about the way Braid shows up for us in the work that we have created. They take our research and ideas and turn them into beautiful workbooks, posters, and photos. They’re talented, flexible, and they always get it right. We are so lucky to have them on our side.”

– Ashley Brown Ruiz, Director of The Daring Way™, Houston, Texas


Wheeler district branding

“We love Braid. They feel part of our team and part of our success. They took a very complex project and helped us communicate our vision in a way that attracted a dedicated community of customers.

Braid’s process is how they truly become part of your internal team. They understand your vision, speak your language and help you tell your story in the best way possible.

While the words and design of our final brand is beautiful, the exercises and guidance they used to get there, really helped us clarify our own thinking and direction.

Braid helped us cast into concrete terms a brand vision and strategy that serves as a consistent foundation for our branding and marketing efforts as we grow, and continues to resonate with our team and with our target market, as our business evolves.”

– Blair Humphreys, Developer, Oklahoma City, OK


Children's Hospital Volunteers Branding

“I was looking for an agency that could help us present a clear story to our board, volunteers & donors. Braid opened up a dialogue we didn’t realized we needed! They brought authenticity, sensitivity and simple clarity to our brand. Our Vision Guide and Brand Platform are a constant go-to when writing grants, reaching out to donors and sharing on social media, as we help kids feel like kids in a hard time for families. We know it looks good, it’s the right message and it gives us confidence connecting with our community.

Personally, I’ve learned from Braid’s focus – to put who you are into what you do. So as an Executive Director of an organization that relies on people and in turn makes a difference for people, I have to speak as a person but also from a position of expertise about what we do. Now I have more language, more focus, more stories and more confidence having conversations about our amazing programs and purpose!”

– Sara Jacobson, Executive Director, Oklahoma City, OK


Amy Gray Photography Branding

“The women of Braid are masters of their craft. To work with them is to witness alchemy: they are artists, listeners, writing whizzes and people-readers. It was a joy to work with them and the best investment I have made in my business!

My final brand platform felt like a reflection of myself. Braid truly captured me and the vision I had for my business, and went above and beyond my expectations. Throughout the entire process I felt truly heard and understood, as if I was talking with longtime friends and mentors. They somehow took everything I was saying and showing them and turned it into a beautiful, lively, unique, cohesive representation of me and my business.

Working with Braid helped me return to my why, reminded me what it is I love about this business, and allowed me to identify and embrace my ideal clients. I felt supported and encouraged by them, so when we finished working together I left feeling confident in both my brand and myself!

When you finish working with Braid you will have an artfully designed, thoughtfully curated platform – but more importantly, you will have a better understanding of what drives you to do what you do and a renewed pride in your business.”

– Amy Gray, Photographer, Philadelphia, PA & Los Angeles, CA


“At the end of last year, I was frustrated that I couldn’t articulate the vision I had for the work I was meant to do (as a wedding officiant, novelist, and librarian, and teacher). To top it off, even with a successful side hustle, I didn’t have anything close to a professional, cohesive brand - I had a couple of DIY websites and some vague ideas about how to tie it all together. I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and out of my element. I needed help.

I thought working with Braid was just going to be about me getting a visual brand identity, but it was actually so much more. The Braid Method is life-changing. It changed the way I saw myself and my career. I can help other people write the stories they are meant to tell, but I couldn’t write my own story without Braid’s help.

Braid not only gave The Art of Story Catching a beautiful brand guide and logo that absolutely matched the personal brand I was creating, they gave me the confidence to see myself as a creative expert. The Braid team are masters at providing branding and visioning guides for creatives. But what they really do is work to open you up and become more wholehearted, and what they really offer you is a way of seeing the truest expression of your purpose.

I signed up for the full Braid Method because I had more money than time, and I knew I needed someone else to create the visuals I needed to express my brand. And the return on investment? An amazing brand, a vision for my future, and the pleasure of having felt the personal transformation that only comes when you find the unique thing that only you can offer the world.”

- Heather Richard, Turners Falls, MA


“There is nothing cookie-cutter about The Braid Method. It is personal, it is supportive, it is beautiful, and it is 100% empowering!

The Braid team exceeded my expectations and delivered a gorgeous, unique and enticing platform that completely reflects me and my business. They took all of the awesome stuff in my head and made it come alive. It was downright magical! For example, getting specific about my dream client was super-fun and clarified a lot about how I need to show up in my brand. The dialogue that we had about what I wanted from and for my business really built up my confidence and my commitment to the beauty of my work.

They are relaxed and warm but uber-professional. Their genuine enthusiasm for what they do and for crafting and connecting beautiful words and images, made working with them a total joy.”

- Jennifer Farrow, Los Angeles, CA


“My Braid story began with Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. In a nutshell, Marie says throw out anything in your life that doesn't spark joy. After a good sock drawer purge, I had a thought - it wasn’t just my home that needed purging. My career, my website, my disparate brand: none of it was sparking joy. This lack of focus in my work life meant I wasn’t moving forward in my business in a confident way. I needed an intervention. So I reached out to Braid and asked them to ‘Marie Kondo’ my brand. I had no idea the joy I had in store...

The Braid team has a system that is incredibly organized and professional, without sacrificing creativity. Their job was to help me pull together my life as a food stylist, writer, cooking show host, podcast host and photographer. Not an easy task. Yet somehow the structure they have in place left so much room for the creative process to flow. The result was a look and tone I never could have imagined! The whole brand platform sparks joy.

My web designer took what they created, and build a beautiful website from it. I’ve taken this new site with its confident tone and ran with it. It’s the focal point of my career - the home base for all that I do. I’m proud of it, and this pride has given me so much confidence to push my business in new directions. Yes, it has sparked joy, but it has also made me feel more boss!”

- Lindsay Cameron Wilson, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Jayd Lem | Social Dinner Series | Femme Beat

“These girls rock. Braid did an awesome-saucy job in developing my brand platform and clarifying my true intentions for my new start-up. I found their questions useful in figuring out my dream client and how I wanted to market to them. The team is uber-prompt, on-schedule and highly organized, which made working with them easy, fun, and inspiring.

I cannot thank them enough for really dialing down what I envisioned for my brand. Not only are they creative geniuses, but they often coached me out of my own personal doubts at times. I never felt like a numbered client on their long list of to-do's, but rather a friend and mentee. They have been 100% supportive, which is a great feeling to have knowing that they believe in your vision as well. Working with them was a fun, enriching, and rewarding experience.”
- Jayd Lem | Phoenix, AZ

Liane Wansbrough | Holistic Nutrition

“I knew I wanted to start my own nutrition consulting business but had no “legs” to get the plan moving. Figuring out how to position myself in an already crowded space was a big roadblock for me as I bounced from one idea to the next, constantly trying to draw inspiration from what other practitioners were doing.

Working with Braid felt like figuring out my vision with smart, savvy, talented friends. They took in all the thoughts and distinctions I had floating around in my mind and pieced together a core message that felt natural and right. While my focus had initially been to find a way to differentiate my business, the final result was better than that. It was about discovering how I could be authentic and put my best self forward in the work I want to do.

It was scary to jump in and invest in branding at this early stage, but the payoff was absolutely worth it. I now have so much more confidence knowing that I’m starting from the best possible place that truly reflects my strengths and skills.”
- Liane Wansbrough | Toronto, Canada

Lindsay Kluge | Herbal Nutritionist | Ginger Tonic Botanicals

"After establishing my herbal medicine and nutrition business about 2 years ago, I knew that as time went on my business vision and direction became a little clouded and jumbled. My online presence was just this unfinished, pestering piece of my business that wasn't working for me that I wanted to grow and make more professional. Deciding to work with the gals at Braid was by far one of the biggest professional steps I had taken at that point, and I am SO glad I did. I had ideas in my mind of how I wanted to present my unique business, but didn't have the talent to do it myself. 

After two meetings with Braid, they took my words and turned them into something clear and beautiful - something I am so proud and happy to share with the world. I do a lot of personal health work one-on-one with people, and getting that personal feel and interaction is something that I feel they translated beautifully onto the screen. 

They took listening to the next level, and presented a visual and verbal product that feels real and true to what I offer every day. Magical stuff right there!"

- Lindsay Kluge | Ginger Tonic Botanicals | Richmond, VA

Rebecca Egbert | Postpartum and Women’s Health | The Mother Love

“Hiring Braid Creative was something I knew I was going to do when my business was in it’s pre-conceptive phase. After 15 months, I dove in and what was born was a brand that tells a story of possibility and represents a movement that is fierce, for moms and families around the country and globe. Their work not only represents me as a leader, but helps the culture I work hard to bring positive shifts and improvements to everyday. Braid knows where it’s at.”
- Rebecca Egbert | The Mother Love | Minneapolis, MN

Dunja von Stoddard | Handmade Homewares | DOONYAYA

When I first found Braid, I was a creative with an identity crisis: too many ideas to form a consistent or viable business, and too few concrete plans to move forward. I needed help from the ground up – a complete business and brand overhaul.  Braid took my scattered ideas and turned them into my current life's work (in a fun package): DOONYAYA. 

Going through the Braid Method gave me the vision and courage to move forward with a new and fresh creative identity. What I had thought of as "distractions," became part of the larger story of my brand, my business, my creativity – my life. Braid didn't just slap a logo on my business and call it done. They took me through a process of discovering my life's purpose and work as a modern homesteader and edgy maker. I left the experience with a clear idea what DOONYAYA was all about.

Braid not only gave me my identity, they gave me a way to put myself out in the world that makes me proud of my creative life and work. I have an arsenal of images, shout-outs and design ideas to use for my website, blog, and social networking sites. Now I love giving people my business card, showing off my website and blog and talking about my creative process – even with complete strangers!

Once the process with Braid ended, I decided to do six months of creative coaching with Kathleen, to continue the momentum and focus I got from the Braid Method. Kathleen has given me the support, encouragement and practical know-how to bring DOONYAYA from a great-looking brand to the fully-functioning, sustainable creative business I always wanted. Kathleen has helped me every step of the way, from sketches to sellable wares, from tracking the numbers to living the dream. 

I am looking forward to a lifetime of being a creative, and thanks to Braid and Kathleen now it's not just a hobby – it's my life.”
– Dunja von Stoddard | DOONYAYA | Rhinebeck, NY

Marbry Walker / Brand Design

"As a solo designer, I don't have another team member to bounce ideas off of. That void made it hard to get a clear perspective on myself, I was trying to solve too many problems, and I needed to step back and take in the whole picture. My lack of branding was the thing holding me back, and I knew for certain I would continue to struggle, until in the end, I just felt like it was an investment in my business.

With Braid, I was no longer in a room by myself. They were able boil my ideas down, and see what was bubbling to the surface. The end result is messaging that is 100% on target. On the design side, they really put me into my design in a way that I always had a hard time doing. I was hiding before, trying not to be the center of attention, but now my brand is me. In the end, I feel like I hired myself some team members to get my business branded. So worth it!"
- Marbry Walker / Portland, OR


“Working with the Braid team was a game-changing experience. Their Braid Method not only set a foundation for an excellent partnership, but also helped me refine and find clarity in my business goals and vision. I have worked with a lot of creatives in the past, but I never felt like anyone “got me” until I worked with Braid. The way in which they were able to take who I am and deliver that back to me, while tying everything together with a beautiful brand was truly impressive."

- Dr. Tracy Thomas, Petaluma, CA

Lisa Butler / Web Guide / Elembee

Last October, I started to feel the familiar itch to update my site. But the more I looked at it, the more lost I felt. My logo didn’t inspire me anymore, and I felt like something was missing, but I couldn’t identify how to fix it.

Puzzle pieces were missing, and it was time for a new picture. I wanted a brand identity that was more than just type and pretty colors — I wanted a system of elements I could mix and match to create magic. I wanted it to feel the same, but be better. And I knew I couldn’t do it myself.

So that left me with the scary — and exciting — conclusion that it was time to hire out my branding. My search started and ended with Braid Creative. I knew their style aligned with my own — but had that extra special touch. I also had previous experience with how they think and work through their e-courses and a live workshop I attended a few years ago.

Once the process began, it was fast — and a true example of what can happen when you choose the right business to work with. It’s hard to place trust in someone else when it comes to your business — your baby — but you just have to go with your gut and trust the process.
- Lisa Butler / Elembee / Tulsa, OK


“For years I tried to DIY my branding and spent a lot of time and energy without ever fully capturing the look and feel of my business. It was like I had a list of words to convey what I wanted, but didn’t fully know how to pull all the pieces together. I’m so glad I decided to invest in hiring Braid, they knew exactly how to weave together my vision — it was the best gift I could have given myself and my practice.

The Braid Method is seamless, and I was shocked at how quickly Tara and Liz “got” what I was trying to communicate through my brand, despite my own vague descriptions. After our first meeting, they were picking up on how I spoke, my energy and style and like magic fairies they returned two weeks later and nailed it with my Brand & Business Vision Guide. It felt like they were psychic!

What surprised me most about working with Braid is how often they gave me permission to really own my brand, to be authentic to me and my mission. They calmed my fears that it would be too this or that and not reach a wider audience. They really gave me the confidence to embrace the vibe that I was aiming for and that truly reflected my future vision.

Now everyone who sees my brand says, ‘Oh, Angie that is so YOU!’ The Braid Method is hands-down the best investment I’ve made in my business so far.”

- Angie Viets, Lawrence, KS

Erica Midkiff | Content Coaching

“I’m the type of person who has to at least try to figure things out on my own, but while I had been working super hard to define my path, I was struggling with how to explain, clearly and consistently, the answers I had found—the ways I KNEW I could help my dream customers. 

After (too) much struggling—I help other creatives distill their ideas for a living, so I kept telling myself if I just worked harder, I could do it myself—I turned to Braid, and the instant I hired them, everything changed. I relaxed knowing I had the right team in my corner, but I also started taking myself more seriously; I had invested in my dream, and I knew I had to live up to that investment.

I had been following Braid for years and had taken all of their e-courses, so I thought I knew what I was getting into, but I was blown away by the experience. The combination of the team's wisdom is incredible, and everyone listened closely, captured all the things I was saying and struggling with, and then turned my words into something that just felt right. They also listened to my vision for the look and feel of my brand and nailed it on the first try—tough to do for someone who’s as particular as I am. 

I felt comfortable every step of the way, knowing I was being seen, heard, and understood (crucial for me in any situation), and since working with Braid, my confidence in my work and my message has increased so much that I don’t even recognize the old me when I think back just a few months. I cannot recommend working with Braid enough!”

- Erica Midkiff | Homewood, AL

Nina Dee | Interior, Prop & Life Styling

“I had been wanting my business to connect more with my personal life (and vice versa) for quite awhile. My brand also wasn't connecting on an emotional level with my customers, which in turn made it difficult for me to promote my work.

When I came across Braid, what sold me was that they work solely with creatives. I knew they would “get” who I am and what I’m about. My biggest challenge was trying to articulate all that was in my head – but they were excellent at capturing what I stood for, then packaging it all up in the most clear and inspiring way.

Working with Braid has given me a new level of confidence. Not everyone sees the value in branding (and the timing has to be right), but it can open you up to see who you are, want you want, and present that confidently to the world! I’m already seeing a return on investment, and now my brand makes me feel excited, passionate, and more motivated than ever.”
- Nina Dee Rattenbury | Brisbane, Australia


"When I was referred to Braid by a friend, it felt like it was heaven-sent. I had been working on putting a business together for a while, and was feeling like I was getting nowhere. My vision was all over the place and had so many different components – when people asked me what I did or what my business was all about, I couldn’t answer clearly.

Working with Braid changed that. Before working with Tara and Liz, I wasn’t even sure if all my ideas worked together, but they were able to come up with a brand and vision that combined everything in a way that feels cohesive and authentic. I can talk about my business confidently now in a way that clearly states what I offer and value. The Braid Method was a total game-changer, to say the least!"

- Annie Hamilton, Denver, CO

Stephanie Stiavetti | Kitchen Coach | Fearless Fresh

"For years I'd tiptoed around calling my business an actual business because I was never able to clearly state exactly what it was I did, or why I did it. I understood that I was passionate about food and cooking, and I knew what tasks I performed every day, but I didn't have a clear path or solid mission to explain my goals (or how they would make me money). This obviously affected my bottom line. As I struggled for cohesion, my dream suffered because I was off chasing any random idea that popped into my head. Whenever someone asked me about my business, I just gave a vague, unsatisfying answer. I had no clear path to follow and my potential customers knew it.

During the course of their work with me, Braid developed a 30-page visual document that solidified my brand vision through poignant observations they’ve gleaned from their interactions with me. In return, I received a beautiful digital vision board that outlines the most important reasons I do what I do. Then, with that deep understanding of my passions and personal motivations in hand, they developed my visual identity and succinct messaging geared at attracting the exact people I want to work with. 

Before I worked with Braid, I had no idea how my personal brand intersected with my business, or what that even meant. Braid helped me to understand that a personal brand is the part of myself I'm extending to the world, the essence of me that attracts my dream customers, makes a connection, and fulfills their needs. They gave me a flashlight and walked me out of the dark cave of indecision and muddled business planning. For the first time ever, I can see into the distance. I'm super stoked for the future!"

- Stephanie Stiavetti | Fearless Fresh | Oakland, CA


Jamie Whitney branding with Braid Creative

"I've been an attorney for ten years, but when I worked with Braid, I had only been a solo, business-owning attorney for a few weeks. I had never had to sell my services before, I had no idea where to start, and I didn't know how to target my ideal clients.

Working through the Braid Method was fun, exciting, and so, so useful for working out my core business messaging. I wound up with a gorgeous brand platform and a clear set of priorities and goals for the first phase of my business marketing. I've been using the materials from my Braid Brand Platform in social media and speaking engagements, and I love having a clear vision and voice to share with others.

The Braid Method is so much more than an exercise in brand design. Now that I know what I want to say and how I want to say it, I've been attracting more and more of my dream clients, and I feel that I'm building a law practice that I love right from the start. I love the Braid team, and I recommend them wholeheartedly, especially if you are working through the first stages of a new business or a business pivot. This isn't just about making your business pretty – it's about figuring out who your business is."

- Jamie Whitney, Austin, TX


"I came to team Braid with one clear understanding: I wanted to help working moms. For the first time in years, I felt in complete alignment with my purpose in life. SCARY! I started to panic because I immediately got caught up in all of the 'how's' of launching a brand, starting a business, offering a service, and defining my product. Then entered Braid. 

From my very first Skype conversation with the team, through their incredibly well thought out and intimate intake process, I remember thinking, these women are unbelievable. They were able to take my vision, my incomplete statements, my emotions and inflections, and clearly draw out what I had been trying to communicate for quite some time. They were also able to create the imagery behind the words that perfectly complimented my concepts. Most importantly, they did it with a level of excitement and authenticity that are the cornerstones of my brand: Conscious Working Mama, a subscription-based community, offering Working Moms the tools to experience a much greater sense of joy and balance in their demanding lives.  

Braid delivered an experience that is personal, strategic, efficient, creative, and purposeful. I was left with what I would refer to as the 'bible' of my branding and a very clear path for the overall direction of my business. 

These ladies are world class. They are creative partners delivering tangible results that you can use over and over and over."
– Sarah Gibbons | Conscious Working Mama | Los Angeles, CA


"I have a total girl crush on the team at Braid! With an MBA and a long career in marketing and sales, I thought I should be able to do my own branding work... but I was really struggling.

The Braid Method, along with the energy and insights from the Braid team, helped to clarify my ideas into a cohesive whole. They totally got me! I felt completely supported in the process, and it was so much fun! I'd recommend the Braid Method to anyone looking to craft or elevate their brand so that they can show up more fully in the world."

- Winn Clark, Paso Robles, CA

Jennifer Klos | Art Consultant & Historian | Collector House

"Braid Creative is a dream team: fun, professional, thoughtful, creative. They listened to my story, captured my personality, and in the end, created a brand that is uniquely me. The Braid Method is efficient, productive, and enlightening. It gave me the confidence to take steps forward, armed with a strong business vision and a personal brand that makes me feel proud."

Jennifer Klos, Oklahoma City, OK


"Making the decision to work with Braid Creative at the time was a very bold step for me. I had no real business to call my own, nothing to refine and restructure. I only had a dream, a vision and a message to share with the world. Braid Creative captured my essence so beautifully and crafted my logo and platform design in such a way that resonated so deeply with me. They just really took the time to get to know me, feel my vibe and truly listen to every word I had to say. Nothing fell through the cracks! 

It was such a powerful experience to have them build my Vision based on my abstract dreams. It really put things in perspective to have my wishes and hopes reflected back to me through visuals and powerful words. They’ve helped me pave the way to a beautiful journey ahead of me and have given me the confidence and tools to believe in my dreams and make them into a reality. 

I couldn’t be more satisfied with the final product. To have such a beautifully crafted logo + branding design, I know it will help me attract my dream customers and open the door to many beautiful opportunities. If you decide to take the leap, you will not regret it!"

– Sanja Totic | Rise & Shine Journey | Ottawa, Ontario

Brenda Mangalore | Visual Artist

"As a graphic designer in my past life, I was a bit anxious handing over visual control of my brand to strangers. But I was tired of making do with something I whipped up at the beginning of my business, which no longer reflected me or my work. I knew going through the Braid Method would be a time to reflect on my business and work out where I wanted to go next. 

My brand IS me, and my art is such an integral part of my personality and life, so it was important to capture that along the way. Braid was able to gather all my seemingly random thoughts and piece them together in a polished way that still felt like me. My new brand is everything I had hoped for, but couldn't clearly articulate on my own! I now have more confidence in myself as a creative entrepreneur. Seeing my new logo gave me a sense of tangible proof that I had upped my game and was ready to strive for the next milestone in my journey (namely, to launch my new website and work on bigger, more luxe products and services). 

Being vulnerable and sharing your business vision and personality isn't easy. But the resulting confidence and clarity means I can move forward with a sense of joyful energy that is also trickling down into my work. I’m making faster decisions, as there isn't the usual hesitation over not being 'ready' (because my branding wasn't a real reflection of what I wanted to show the world). Marketing myself feels easier too – again, I'm not hiding so much due to that hesitation over showing my 'not quite right' brand. 

I am so grateful for taking the leap of faith to work with Braid - it brought the mojo back into my business!"

- Brenda Mangalore | Melbourne, Australia


"We heard of Braid through our work with The Daring Way™. In checking them out on their website we felt a strong resonance with their creative approach. Working with them was amazing! Their process of gathering information from us was fun, thought provoking, inspiring and quick. 

In our first call they LISTENED, they were fully PRESENT to us and we really had a good time. Their questions led us to new insights about who we work with and how we work with them.  In the second call we had a blast! In the brand and business vision they articulated in colors, visuals, and words who we are. We felt heard and seen. We were very impressed at their ability to pull together our brand in ways that inspired and moved us. In our last call when they presented our brand platform, I cried. Tears of joy, tears of being seen and tears of delight. 

There is something magical in the Braid approach. We are delighted, excited and pleased to have worked with such fun and creative people."

– Galileo Coaching | Business Coaches | Santa Barbara, CA


"As a creative, my head is constantly filled with 1,001 ideas. More often than not, I have no idea how to follow through with any of them, so they end up staying in my head.

Teaming up with Braid got me to the next step. Their Braid Method allowed me to work through all that was floating around in my head, and pin down the very best ideas. Then they took those ideas and fused them with a personal brand I never would have been able to think of visually, but had been talking about unwittingly for forever. They got me, which a truly remarkable thing. The final brand platform has given me the push I needed to move forward, and I couldn't be happier with the results!"

- Amy Hayes, Fort Lauderdale, FL


“I had lots of ideas, but no focus. I was all over the place and didn’t have a clue where to start. After submitting my Start Deck cards, I was nervous that they wouldn’t be able to capture my vision – but in our first Skype I soon discovered that they got it! They got ME. They understood exactly what I wanted to put out into the world, and what I needed to do and say to make it real. 

Braid refined my seemingly impossible ideas and ramblings into something clear, concise, and tangible. They captured the look and feel I wanted beyond my wildest dreams. The brand platform they created is perfect for me. I am absolutely in love with my logo!”
– Crystal Vaughn | Chef | Bridgeport, WV

Natalie Lytle | Minimalism & Interior Design | Sincere Spaces

“I discovered Braid Creative in the baby-stages of my business. I had a million ideas, but I was frustrated and overwhelmed with how to bring it all together. I began working through the Braid blog, Letters for Creatives, Coaching for Creatives, E-courses...

I. Was. Hooked.

Even though I was fully aware of what they were capable of (and soaking up every bit of it), I was still pretty hesitant on taking the plunge with The Braid Method. But I was desperate for the missing pieces to my business. I felt like my branding...err, lack thereof...was holding me back from fully putting myself out there.

The process gave me the clarity that I was so desperately seeking, but also the confidence to carry it out. I'm so thankful too, because wouldn't it be a shame to hold back my expertise/services from those that may truly need it?

It was amazing how the process flowed so naturally - all of my jumbled ideas came together in a beautiful, cohesive way. It made my business make more sense to me, so naturally, it makes more sense for potential clients (which is vital for a non-traditional business like mine). The entire process was fairly quick, yet I got much, much more than I had dreamed of.

And I won't lie - I'm picky. So I went into the design part expecting multiple revisions (as per my experience with previous designers), but I sat back, trusted them to work their magic, and ended up having zero tweaks.

It was perfect. It was exactly what I had envisioned - but better. And, most of all, it was ME.”
- Natalie Lytle / Tulsa, OK


“What I loved most about working with Braid was just how much they got me. Being in the small, creative business world, you really want to trust those that are helping you along the way because there are so many sources of information out there and it can get really overwhelming. 

The girls worked with me to help me clearly and concisely talk about my business and I left feeling very confident owning who I am. They provided me with clarity and a beautiful platform to represent my brand. In the end, they felt like friends giving me solid business advice.”
– Stephanie Sheldon | Designer | Cleveland, OH


"After more than ten years of building a successful coaching practice, I knew it was time to expand my reach and start teaching other coaches how to do the same. But "launch new business" remained on my to-do list for more than two years because I couldn't find the time or get the clarity I needed to turn this new idea into reality. 

The project seemed too big and too nebulous. Until I met Team Braid. 

Their practical and creative branding process helped me to crystalize the new arm of my business, integrate more personality into my brand, and communicate the outcome I provide clients in an inspired way. 

The entire process felt very collaborative and the end product is authentic brand messaging that inspired me to finally introduce my mentoring business to the world. 

 Check that one off the to-do list!"
– Dallas Travers | Business Coach | Los Angeles, CA


“I am a writer/blogger who wanted to share what I have learned along my blogging journey, with other creative bloggers like myself. My personal website didn’t showcase what I had to offer, I felt “stuck”, and not sure how to fix it. Once I started working with Braid, I felt as ease because they “got me”! We figured out together that I am really great at finding a web designer, creating a blog, writing content, and planning editorial calendars. What I discovered is that I can support other people, like me, who have a vision, and want to share a story, but aren’t quite sure how to begin. I help them make that passion/dream/vision come alive online.”

– Desiree Spinner | Writer & Consultant | Osterville, MA


“As a professional in the pet and veterinary industry for 25 years, I’ve worn many collars, so-to-speak. These various roles have branded me as an adoption advocate, “SPCA girl”, pet and veterinary marketer, entrepreneur, PR Pro and more. While these are all things I’m proud of, I never took control of developing my own personal brand until about a year ago. As a pedigreed marketer (pun intended) and owner of two pet-centric marketing and PR companies, I just assumed that I had the knowledge and skills to handle my own “pivot” of my personal brand to one that fit my current personal and professional desires. 

But after nearly a year of working on it, I found myself stuck and frustrated. I knew that I wanted to get back to my true passion—helping pets and people live happier, healthier lives together. But I just felt that everything I had created or written to reflect my new creative personal brand was missing clarity and some key ingredients. 

That’s when I found Braid Creative & Consulting! I’m a huge proponent of specialization and niche know-how, so I knew Braid was a fit for me over any other branding agency. They worked with people exactly like me! From start to finish, I loved the process Tara and Liz took me through to clarify my brand positioning and platform. Even though I’ve helped multiple pet and vet companies over the years to refine their positioning, having Braid’s unique, outside perspective made all the difference in the world to me. From the copy they wrote to the images they chose to “shape the feel of my brand” to the elements created specifically for me, they nailed my brand to a tee! 

Not only that, but the ah-ha moments Tara and Liz helped me to experience were really amazing. I learned things about myself and what I do and share that I never could have articulated better myself. I think I was too close to me and my own experience to see what nuances would be most compelling to my audience and future dream clients! 

I must admit, as a control freak and perfectionist, I was a little worried going into the engagement thinking that they just couldn’t possibly "get me” fully, nor could they possibly nail my brand without my own tweaking. I’m happy to say I was wrong! This dog has definitely learned a new trick—to listen to my own advice to others… if possible, hire a specialist to help you achieve whatever it is you are trying to do. 

I’m also taking the Braid E-courses and finding them hugely enlightening. I love to learn, especially when it’s about evolving my existing skills into those that will better serve me and my business in the future. 

This experience has not only positioned me for a successful launch, but given me HUGE enthusiasm about moving forward. Braid, thank you from the bottom of my paws!” 
– Kristen Levine | Pet Living Expert | Tarpon Springs, FL


“Through working with Braid, I have been able to see in writing and design the many visions that frequently dance through my head. This Land Yoga is a total dream business for me and although I have had many thoughts about what I want to see my business do and how I want it to grow, Braid has provided me with the brand identity that empowers me to be consistent with my choices and the way I present This Land Yoga to the community. I frequently return to the brand platform and brand and business vision guide as tools for understanding who my dream client is and how in the world I am going to snag them. 

 The work that Braid has done for This Land Yoga has carried into my social media posts, my blog, my website and even the design of my studio. I am very grateful for the Braid approach- it was not just a matter of creating the perfect logo (which they did- have you seen it?!?), but instead it was them listening to my big, audacious goals and providing me with the branding structure to consistently work towards these goals. 

EVERYONE loves the work that Braid Creative has done for This Land Yoga and it has definitely helped to set me apart from other yoga studios. Not only was the process a lot of fun, but I came out feeling even more confident about sharing This Land Yoga with the world! This has been the best investment I have made in my business and I am excited to see how my brand continues to evolve with me. ”
– Betina Wills | Yoga Instructor & Owner | Oklahoma City, OK


“I have really enjoyed working with the Braid team. What makes them special is the quality of their listening, and the effectiveness of the Start Deck exercises. The Braid Method makes the process efficient, and every meeting has a pleasant surprise and more progress. Even when my part of the work got difficult for me, they kept it light & focused and I got through the rough patches. 

I’m now continuing with one-on-one coaching with Kathleen, which I highly recommend to anyone who is struggling with putting themselves “out there” in a way that feels honest and authentic.”
– Angela Blanchard | Speaker | Houston, TX


"Braid did two life-changing things for me: 1) through their ECourses, they helped me hone in on my expertise and dream customer so I could completely overhaul my business (from corporate communications consultant to solopreneur coach – WHOA) and 2) they gave me the vision, words, and brand to make it tangible and make it HAPPEN.

I was so blown away during our meetings that I was often speechless. Me – a writer – without words. I’ve referenced the business vision guide so often, it would have tattered pages if it weren’t a PDF. They captured my brand story and services in a succinct, beautifully packaged way that really resonates with my dream (!) customers. And my brand is so awesome, I nearly died when I first saw it. It’s fun, fresh, and vibrant. I’m also happy to say that it’s all WORKING – people are knocking on my coaching door. And I wouldn’t be behind it if it weren’t for Braid."
– Nicole Christie | Coach for Solopreneurs | Seattle, WA


"I needed some brand identity and design help when I advanced my sewing blog from hobby to small business. I wanted to feel (and look) more like a business owner and less like a blogger while working towards my dream of creating my own line of sewing patterns. I knew a polished brand identity would elevate me to the next level, a look that I could carry from web presence to packaging in the future. Honestly though, I'm also the kind of person who "thinks" I know exactly what I want for myself, until I create it myself, and then I realize I'm not translating my own thoughts like I'd hoped. So it was definitely time for some professional help!

I loved Braid's logical approach (logical is practically my middle name) and the fact that they help their customers invent their own customers. That sort of "if you build it, they will come" idea really appeals to me. I also knew at the end of the process, just having a solid logo, business cards, etc, that I could grow with, would help me immensely! I felt like Braid were the ones who could get me there. And now, I am completely blown away by the brand story and my new look and feel. Picture perfect."
– Rochelle New | Designer | New York


"My work had really changed, it used to be whimsical and playful but had gotten more clean, modern, and definitely targeting a different client. I wanted my brand to reflect that. Now I'm really excited, and looking forward to where my business is going to go! I haven't felt this optimistic in a long time. I love my logo so much and I can't wait to update everything and have my next client consult when I get to say all of these wonderful things!"
– Leah LaRiccia | Photographer | Boston, MA


"I'm a landscape architect and after being in business for myself for almost two years, I was ready to focus in on the type of projects and design work my heart chases after.

I had multiple journal sketches, brainstorms, outlines, and magazine cut-outs that acted as the framework of what I wanted my business to be. But I NEEDED STRUCTURE to give form and focus to my work and decision-making.

I'm so used to working, working, working, that my hopes, dreams and desires for my business don't make it outta my head. So working through the Braid Method was definitely NEW for me, as those hopes began to feel like they were becoming a reality and structure for everything I do.

Thanks to Braid for guiding me through this process and yanking out my heart's desire, for helping me identify just what the hell I'm doing and who/what I'm trying to attract. The brand story they created for me, makes me tear up every time I read it. Thank you so much for making it all make sense... beautifully."
– Jamie Csizmadia | Landscape Architect | Oklahoma City, OK


"First off, I found Braid through their blog, on an otherwise very cold, snowy, and uninspiring night in Toronto, Canada. They seriously had my creative juices flowing and I just loved everything they stood for!

So I reached out to them to help develop my roadmap for my life coaching business. Like them, I help people get unstuck and gain clarity on their future – but oddly enough I couldn't do it for myself. I was having difficulty defining a crystal clear vision for my business so I could confidently take my next bold steps into an abundant and sustainable future. I'm multi-passionate, what can I say??

Working with Braid through the method, I realized even though I had connected with them on a personal level, first, I was razzled-dazzled by their business. I was so excited when I got their brand exercise cards in the mail. I couldn’t wait to get started filling them out, or our first jam sessions on Skype. I love their holistic approach to brand development and the yin/yang essence these two women have.

I came away with an 'ah-ha' that both my coaching and yoga training were a blend of disciplines and philosophies. They weren't stuck or confined in a structure or a box... kinda like me! I can't stress how much I (and EVERYONE I've shown) loooooove what they've done for me and my new blended brand."
– Tammy Faulds | Life Coach | Toronto, Canada


Aaron Schiller Branding with Braid Creative

“When I reached out to Braid, I was feeling pretty scattered. I knew I had something important to offer the world, but was struggling on how to bring it forward. I knew after my first free call with Tara that I was in. I just got this feeling that she understood what I was here to do, and wanted to help me take things to the next level. I was really impressed with the process Tara and Liz took me through. Every meeting was booked in advance, the schedule was tight and the milestones were realistic but exciting. I knew I was in good hands the entire process.

Working with Braid helped me get really clear on how to talk about what I do. I feel like they helped me create a disruptive brand that is poised to do great things in the months to come. I love that my new brand is a clear and concise articulation of what I am all about. They did not create something for me that is their version of me. My brand is truly my brand. They did a great job extracting my full vision and packaging it in a way I could never have done myself. I look forward to continuing to work with Braid as my brand and vision grow!”

- Aaron Schiller, Marin, CA


“For years I struggled with articulating what I do and what my clients get from working with me. My passion and love was working with women on transformative processes, but I was hung up on corporate-speak, and just couldn’t get out of my head and put my heart into a vision and brand.

The Braid Method was just right. They challenged me to speak from my heart. Between the exercises they used and the conversations we had, I can say that I had never felt so listened to and “seen.” But it didn’t end there! The team then distilled and synthesized all this material, like putting a jigsaw puzzle together, and created my brand platform. I couldn’t believe how emotional I felt. I had been hesitant to put my name out there in such a visible way (always just focusing on the work instead). They showed me that without me in the work, the transformative process couldn’t happen.

My brand is exactly what I wanted: soulful, graceful and fierce. Now I practice what I preach and put myself at the center of my Universe - and my work. Many thanks to Braid for helping me step into the spotlight!”

- Alicia M. Rodriguez, Annapolis, MD & Ecuador


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“I've had a successful creative entrepreneurial run for seven years, but have spent the last two working for nightmare customers, disliking the work, and scratching my head. Well, scratch be gone! I LOVED this Braid ECourse! I've not only identified where I've gone off-track, but am whiteboarding all these Braid exercises and coming up with solutions. I have a lot of work to do, but I'm excited to tackle it, like super-giant-goose-bump excited!"
– Nicole Christie / Writer / Seattle

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"I have to tell you this whole process has been really incredible. I was in this very transitional time, personally and professionally, and when I found you guys there was still quite a bit of fog and unanswered questions for me. The Braid Method has been a marker for moving ahead, finding happiness, and knowing everything is going to be just fine. THANK YOU for helping me find much needed clarity amidst the chaos.”
– Cara George / Designer / Washington D.C.

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“My work had really changed, it used to be whimsical and playful but had gotten more clean, modern, and definitely targeting a different client. I wanted my brand to reflect that. Now I'm really excited, and looking forward to where my business is going to go! I haven't felt this optimisitic in a long time. I love my logo so much and I can't wait to update everything and have my next client consult when I get to say all of these wonderful things!"
– Leah LaRiccia / Photographer / Boston

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