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Q: I want help with my brand I’m not sure if I’m considered a “creative entrepreneur?”
A: We work 1:1 with “creatives” like writers, designers, stylists, chefs, yogis, photographers and makers, but we work just as much with helping experts like wellness and life coaches, counselors and consultants. Sometimes solopreneurs work with us because they’re about to launch for the first time, or because they’re transitioning into a new way of doing business and need to package it up in a way that feels authentic and clear to their dream clients.

Q: Do you typically work with people who are just starting out, or have been doing this a while?
A. We’ve helped with businesses that are just starting out or are finally upleveling their brand. Whether you’re in your first weeks, first year, or first ten years of doing business – Braid can help.

Q: I love that you have a clear collaborative process, but what do I actually get at the end?
A: We are going to take you through The Braid Method, and at the end you will get a Vision Guide + a Brand Platform.
The Vision Guide includes inward facing guidance: from understanding your purpose and dream client, to owning your voice and point of view, to framing up your business offering.
The Brand Platform includes outward facing brand elements: your positioning, your brand story, how to hire you and what to expect language, we also design your logo with graphic standards and a business card (if you need one), your best quotes and headlines paired with imagery and design (great for web inspiration or social media posts), and a deck of branded conversation slides (for sharing with potential clients and inspiring other brand assets like a brochure, sales pitch or again, your website).

Q: Can you design and develop my website?
A: We don’t design websites but we always provide all your files in a Dropbox that your web developer can use.

Q. How much does it cost? How long does it take?
A: Contact us above, tell us just a little bit about your business and your reason for needing branding, and we’ll send you our pricing and all the details! It does typically take 6-8 weeks to go from vision to final brand. We typically book about 30-60 days out. We always Skype with you first, before you make your final decision to hire us, so you know what to expect!

Q: Can I just hire you to create my Logo & Brand Platform (brand elements), and skip the Vision Guide?
A: Oh man, we wish we could say yes, but the Vision Guide is how we create the brands that really work for our clients! We’ve tried to skip it in the past, and we end up doing the expert digging and diving in anyway – it’s just what we’re best at! You’re going to love it. If it’s just not quite what you need, you might consider working with a freelance brand designer or web designer who also does logo design.

Q: Can I just hire you for the Vision Guide? I’m fine with my logo and brand elements, I just need help with my focus and message.
A: Now that’s a different story, the answer is yes. We are happy to work with you to help you uncover your brand vision and messages. If you want to stop short of us packaging it up in a designed and copywritten Brand Platform, you are welcome to take the insights we create and DIY the rest, or work with a designer – or simply update the current brand assets you already have and like.

Q: I notice you work with organizations and teams as well as individuals. What’s the difference?
A: If you are a four-person or less business, you’d be a great fit for our Braid Method and the Brand Visioning + Brand Platform package – whether you’re a bookstore about to launch, or a solopreneur wanting a brand that feels clear and authentic. But if you are a marketing director or leader within a purposeful business or organization (that has many layers: leadership, staff, customers) – we can help you too. From visioning, to planning, to final brand development (even marketing plans, promotions and campaigns) find out more how we work with larger teams and organizations here.


Q: Is the Braid ECourse a good fit for me?
A: We’ve found the Braid ECourse is a great fit for creative entrepreneurs including coaches, designers, strategists, stylists, writers, makers, and artists with varying levels of experience – from the aspiring creative who needs clarity around “what’s next” to the creative expert who wants a boost in positioning or purpose. If you are already a fan of the content we share and need more guidance, but aren’t quite ready to hire us one-on-one, the ECourse is a great option for you. Plus, you can always hire us to help you if you find you need more hands-on consulting and creative execution.

Q: I’m on the Braid ECourse page but can’t figure out how to purchase it.
A: Our ECourse is only open for registration a few times a year. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter list and we’ll let you know as soon as it is open.

Q: I signed up for the Braid ECourse and didn’t receive my course materials. Help!
A: Check your “Spam” or “Newsletter” folder! Especially if you’re a Gmail user. Also, be sure the email address you registered with is the one you’re checking for emails from us. Also, be sure you’re checking the email address you used to purchase the Ecourse with. If you still need help please email

Q: Do I need to be available at a certain time each day to take the Braid ECourse? How much time will it take to complete?
A: Our course is completely self-guided and can be completed at your own pace. The total course should take you about an hour a day for 7-10 days to complete.

Q: Can I be a Braid ECourse affiliate?
A: We no longer offer Braid ECourse affiliates.

Q: I need technical help with my Braid ECourse registration and/or payment. Help?
A: We've got you. Email and she'll get you fixed up!

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